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NOUR Mini Telekung

NOUR Mini Telekung

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Introducing the black and white collection from our NIYAT umrah collection. NOUR mini telekung is named after a mountain near Mecca which houses the cave of Hira where the Prophet ﷺ received his first revelation.
NOUR is designed with a stretchable face opening and intricate lace detailing along the hem.

*In the picture NOUR is worn together with black MINA dress. 

*Actual product color may vary slightly from picture

- Black
- Textured polka dot georgette 
- Improvised cut for face and chin (stretchable jersey)
- Tie back around the head
- Polyester lining 
- Opacity 10/10
- Dress not included
- Sample available in showroom
- Gentle handwash



*NOUR (black) mini telekung measurements differ slightly from NIMRAH (white) mini telekung

Face 12.5"
Front length 37"
Back length 37"
Width 51"
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